It’s a fine musical collection and an inspiring example of international jazz co-operation in performance and composition.
— ★★★★ John McBeath, The Australian

Dave Jackson is a wonderfully talented saxophonist and composer whose new live album is compelling.
— Grammy award nominee Donny McCaslin (Bowie's Sax PLayer).
Sydney’s Dave Jackson feeds his alto saxophone through an octave divider and sometimes adds some delay to create a hybrid sound...His compositions then engender improvisations in which this hybrid sound spears through time and space with dazzling animation... ensuring that Jackson’s quartet is one of the most distinctive bands in town at the moment...
— ★★★★ John Shand, SMH
Dave Jackson is living proof that the always expanding and developing art form of jazz is alive and well and has a truly global representation. It’s a joy to listen to this fresh new voice on the saxophone.
— Will Vinson (NYC)
Dave is a fine player playing some real nice music. I like his group too. Very enjoyable.
— Dave Binney (NYC).
There is a confidence that radiates from (Dave’s) every phrase, a sense that he is forging ahead without the need to look over his shoulder.
— John Fenton (NZ Jazz critic)

Dave Jackson’s alto saxophone does not just have a certain lightness of tone, it actually seems to emit light, so the effect is of him shining a bright beam on each note as they pop up in his elfin melodic ideas...ultimately sounds like Jackson alone; a signature almost as distinct as Bernie McGann’s. That lightness of sound and the instant melodic appeal is reminiscent of the fruit of a wine hitting the tongue before the astringent finish.
— ★★★★ John Shand, SMH
Jackson’s quartet does everything well, and most importantly, they do it well together... A sense of the effortless, from a quartet that plays seamlessly as one...
— NYC Blog - Birdistheworm
It’s great to hear Dave and Sean playing so well with such a good NY rhythm section. The music is very impressive in the best way... It’s another step up for Australian Jazz.
— Mike Nock - Don Banks Award, Order of Merit NZ
...a highly melodic flow - a hallmark of the album - stated in piano and alto unison with, again, the alto solo flowing into a phasic solo, rising and falling in silvery cycles.
— John McBeath, The Australian
...Jackson displays an attractive bright tone and confident attack, and builds his solos with admirable fluency...
— Adrian Jackson, Rhythms Magazine.
Alto Saxophonist Dave Jackson has a sprightly tone that springs from the gate, but plays well within the obvious power available to him. Fluent, dancing lines with subtly weighted notes are his speciality...
— ★★★★ John Clare, SMH.
Jackson’s improvising is focused, logical, and economical, with the right measure of surprise.
— Tim Stevens, MCA Music Forum Magazine.
The album is dominated by the melodic musicianship and fine talent of Dave Jackson on saxophone, who shows hints of style relating to Bernie McGann and Andrew Robson
— Barry Sullivan, Stix Magazine


...Jacksons ability to avoid licks and develop freely running ideas in lines that unfold almost like Bach, with atmospheric echoes of Debussy.
— John Clare
...with Dave Jackson’s alto lines often seeming to catch a slanting gold light.
— John Clare
Jackson created intriguing and curiously satisfying patterns against the bass.
— Peter Wockner